July 19, 2010
Loved the shoot – can’t wait for a sale!

Thanks to everyone at Real to Reel – Michaela

We decided to do a video of our holiday home because there was a great interest from Sydney and Canberra, beyond our south coast location – so it complemented our marketing strategy really well. I have been a real estate agent since 1986, and I am very interested to see the market moving into this dynamic style of marketing. It’s only been a week and I’m already recieving enquiries. The Real to Reel team were great to work with and I think the video looks great. It’s brought my property right into the loungeroom of my potential buyers, who haven’t had to plan a trip away to inspect the property. The views of surrounding beaches have also given my buyers an idea of how beautiful this quiet spot really is, and I can’t think of any other way to have shown people that if they weren’t familiar with the area. The crew were a pleasure to work with, they showed up on time, worked quickly and really exceeded our expectations for the budget.They also had a great eye for how to make the rooms come to life. I would recommend them to any agent looking for a new way to boost their sales. John Murray, Vendor
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